What is vibe?

Vibe is a software suite that allows you to;

  • connect multiple devices to a single data capture and analysis service
  • choose which sensors to collect data from (accelerometer and/or gyro)
  • specify various important parameters such as sample rate and sensor sensitivity
  • organise captured data into named measurements
  • analyse that data to obtain a view on typical metrics like PSD and linear spectrum
  • do all the above via an easy to use web ui

How can you use it?

vibe is made up of 2 separate components


The analyser provides a user interface for all functionality and controls the assorted measurement devices.

The analyser is a pure python3 app so can run on Windows or Linux.

Its functions include:

  • specifying the configuration of the measurement system (sample rate, sensitivity)
  • ensuring that all connected recorders are at that target (or marked as invalid if not)
  • scheduling measurements
  • collecting and storing measurement data
  • analysing data
  • providing a UI


A recorder is directed to collect data from a connected sensor by the analyser.

The recorder is a pure python3 app so theoretically can run on Windows or Linux. Practically speaking it runs on the raspberry pi and supports the MPU6050 IMU only.

Its functions include:

  • managing the connected IMU
  • pushing its current state to the analyser and responding to instructions from the analyser
  • recording data and sending it to the analyser